Announcement on Supporting Airdrops of QI to Qtum Holders on Huobi Global

Dear users:

Huobi Global will support QI (QiSwap) airdrops to Qtum (QTUM) holders. The arrangements are as follows:

1. Snapshot Time: 23:04:48, 12th Feb 2021 (UTC+8)

The QI airdrop will be conducted based on the number of users' QTUM holdings at the block height of 793284 on the Qtum mainnet.

2. Minimum Holding Amount: 1 QTUM (balances or trading orders ≥ 1 QTUM)

3. Distribution Rules

QI tokens will be distributed at the ratio of 1(QTUM):0.5 (QI) based on users’ QTUM holdings at the snapshot time. 

4. Snapshot Scope

QTUM balances in exchange accounts, cross/isolated margin accounts (excluding loaned assets), pool accounts, and sub-accounts will all be combined into each parent account’s QTUM balances. Executed QTUM selling orders, unconfirmed QTUM deposits, completed QTUM withdrawals at the snapshot time will not be counted in users’ balances.

5. QI Trading 

Huobi Global has a standardized coin-listing process. Whether to open the trading for QI is subject to Huobi's follow-up plans and announcements.

6. Huobi will conduct the QI airdrop after the QI wallet preparation is completed.

7. Click for more: QI Airdrop to Qtum (QTUM) Holders  QI official website


Huobi Global reserves the right to the final interpretation of the rules.

Thanks for your support!

Huobi Global

Feb 19th, 2021