Huobi Earnings Is Launched! Join Three Ways To Earn More with Huobi!

Dear Huobi Community:

To provide more convenient and professional asset management services, the “Wealth Management” sector of Huobi Global will be upgraded and renamed as “Huobi Finance,” which mainly provides three products - Huobi Earnings, C2C Lending and Crypto Loans.

Huobi Earnings, a brand-new product launched today, is only accessible for KYC-verified users. The previous services like Savings, Locking and Mining, Pool Savings and ETH2.0 will all be migrated to Huobi Earnings. Now it covers Flexible Earnings and Fixed Earnings.


Earnings Entrance:

To celebrate the launch of Huobi Earnings, Huobi Global will carry out three campaigns with large profits available for participants.

Campaign I: Earn High Interests With Limited Subscriptions

Period: Subscribe at 11:00 (UTC+8) each day from Jan 28th to Feb 3rd

CoinPeriodAPYMinimum SubscriptionTime
USDT5 days66%1 USDT2021/1/28 11:00
USDT5 days56%1 USDT2021/1/29 11:00
USDT5 days46%1 USDT2021/1/30 11:00
USDT5 days36%1 USDT2021/1/31 11:00
USDT5 days26%1 USDT2021/2/1 11:00
USDT5 days16%1 USDT2021/2/2 11:00
USDT5 days10.6%1 USDT2021/2/3 11:00

Interest Distribution:

  • Interest accrues the day after the subscription;
  • Your principal and interest earned will be transferred to the Exchange account at 00:30 the day after maturity of the product.

Campaign II:  Earn 1% More Interest Rate With Huobi Flexible Earnings

Period: Jan 26th, 2021- Feb 3rd, 2021 (UTC+8)

Product: BTC and USDT


  • The BTC and USDT products in Flexible Earnings enjoy extra 1% interest during the campaign;
  • After subscription, the extra 1% interest will be added when calculating interests during campaign.
  • Interest accrues the day after the subscription. Flexible redemption of principal and interest earned is supported.

Campaign III : Earn Triple Interest With Huobi Fixed Earnings

Period: Jan 26th, 2021 - Feb 3rd, 2021 (UTC+8)

Project: USDT product in Fixed Earnings


  • Participants can enjoy triple interests in the first seven days after the subscription;
  • The extra twice interest of the campaign will be airdropped to the Exchange Account before February 26, 2021.


All projects in Huobi Earnings are only available for balances in Exchange accounts.


Introduction to Huobi Earnings

  • Huobi Earnings mainly supports Flexible Earnings and Fixed Earnings.
  • The subscription service for major assets including BTC, USDT and ETH will be enabled upon the launch of Huobi Earnings.

Flexible Earnings

  • Both flexible subscription & redemption and real-time redemption are supported. The interests will be calculated starting from the day after subscription.
  • The Auto Transfer function is supported. Available balances will be automatically transferred to Flexible Earnings after opening the function.

Fixed Earnings

  •  Flexible cycle: Various cycles such as 7 days, 14days, 30days, 90 days are available for users.
  • Fixed Earnings can be transferred to Flexible Earnings. Auto transfer to Flexible Earnings will be executed upon maturity of the Fixed Earnings product.

Structured Earning Products

  • The structured earning products, including Dual Currency Investment, Asset Servicing, Asset Custody, etc., will be integrated to Huobi Earnings to provide users with more wealth management opti:ons.


Huobi Earnings will also be launched on Huobi’s mobile crypto trading App, which is available in the 6.1.2 for users. Download Link:

User Manual:

Learn More:


  1. The entrance for Locking and Mining, Pool Savings and ETH2.0 under the Wealth Management sector will all be migrated to Huobi Earnings;
  2. The redemption operation will be unaffected for users who have subscribed assets in Savings. Check Adjustment Plan on Savings for details.
  3. Huobi Earnings will carry out inter-day carryover and system maintenance from 00:00:00 to 01:00:00 (UTC+8), during which redemption is not supported.
  4. The subscription will be temporarily unavailable for users when the subscription quotas of coins or individual cap is reached. Huobi Earnings will make corresponding adjustments to various coins, interest rate, subscription quotas, and individual cap based on market conditions and risk control measures to protect the rights of users.

Thanks for your support!

Huobi Global
January 26th, 2021